Planning a trip to a foreign country is always exciting but be careful, you will have to prepare well if you want to be successful and Have Fun!

Sevilla is a wonderful place to stay so check this lis and do not forget anything.

For individuals

1. Decide the period for your trip.

2. Valid passport.

3. Visa if you are not european citizen.

4. You will need your own personal medical travel insurance.

5. If you are under 18, you will need a parental permission.

6. Pack according to the time you rare going to travel.

For groups

1. Decide the best time for you to do the trip.

2. Your students will need to have valid and current passports.

3. For non european groups, you will need visas.

4. You will need insurance that cover health and travel.

5. Parental permission in case your students are under 18.

6. Perhaps your institution will require a risk analysis, do not forget to do it, it will be essential to get the approval of the project. The risk analysis should include supervision, health, safety, security and finance. Do not hesitate to ask for our support if case of needs.

7. Our special course/programs can be considered as a part of your curricular objectives by your institution.

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