Our facilities

  • Saint Gabriel Nervión is a centre with high quality, we take care of our students well.
  • Two assistants for student services.
  • Number of classrooms: 5
  • Students Source: United States and Canada (15%), France and Italy (30%), Germany (25%), the UK (30%), Eastern Europe (10%) 
  • Library with Spanish and English books, DVDs and reference learning materiales. 
  • Free wifi internet and access to computers.
  • Sofa, coffee table, microwave, coffee and water.
  • Music corner - for students who love music, with piano and guitar.
  • Open door policy in teacher´s lounge´for any info or questions.
  • Multi-use room of Saint Gabriel Nervión  (JackRose) is used for our various activities, such as thanksgiving ceremony, welcome party,  presentation, level tests and graduation ceremonies.
  • Our student services area is a place for helping students apply for their transport cards, to get information about Sevilla and our cultural program. Copy service. Saint Gabriel is an accredited and authorized centre by CEDRO. We care and we help to protect the rights of authors.     

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