One of the great joys of visiting Sevilla is seeking out some of the mouth-watering tapas bars in the labyrinth of back streets. But for you, is a little hard to find a good bar?  If so, come with us going from bar and bar for getting some typical tapas, wines, beers.

Listen songs and read the lyrics are very helpful for improving grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Songs are easy to memorize because normally the structure of a song is in verse-chorus-repeat format. Also it makes you learn vocabulary rapidly and easily.

Spanish cinema has produced many acclaimed directors, as well as talented actors, many of whom have gone on to be major Hollywood film stars. 
Especially Spanish cinema as a whole is impossible to separate from Spanish history and politics. Therefore as a student of Spanish, watching Spanish movie is an excellent way to improve your language skills and cultural knowledge. 



When you talk to people live, you listen more carefully, and you also think about how you're going to respond. 
Every week in our round table time, we choose a hot topic to talk, it is not only for practicing your Spanish ,but also a cultural collision and blend. 

If you are interested of economy and society, we offer you a visit to world-class companies or traditional industries. You will benefit from this in-and-around visit, to gain in-depth knowledge about the field of your interest.


Do you have willing to deepen your understanding of grammar and pronunciation? Perhaps you have doubts of how to use some words? Don't miss this opportunity! Come to our academic workshop.




In Sevilla, music is literally in the air.  Here offers the whole range from classical to progressive sounds with end-to-end concerts the whole year through. Also Sevilla is a home to one of Spain´s best-kept art secrets, in spirit of fusing old with the new.
Come with us to concerts, performing arts, events, art activities, music, shows, to share in cross-culture appreciation. 


Les´t go to Triana and develop one of their great traditions: handcraft ceramic. You can design and make one tile and put it into the kiln. After two days, you will have a unique souvenir.

Sevilla is situated in a place with great natural beauties around. Close to delightful beaches, inspirational snowy mountain, historical towns with gorgeous landscapes.
We often organize a one-day excursion on Saturday to one of those places. Price is affordable with high value. Pack up and join us to explore more about Andalusia.  





During your stay in Sevilla, one thing you cannot miss is watching a flamenco show. The SG course guide introduces you to Flamenco’s authentic vocabulary, its peñas, tablaos and seasonal fiestas, Flamenco bars and guitar and song tuition options. All part of Sevilla, the heart of Flamenco.

Seville has been one of the most important cities in Spain since ancient times. Here has the biggest old city in Europe, the 3rd biggest church in the world , fantastic royal garden where did Game of Thrones shoot.
If you are interested of the history of Sevilla, drop off your guidebook and follow our teacher, get ready to be amazed.

You like playing football but can´t find enough players to play football? 
We believe sport to make your life more dynamic, make things to get twice the result with half the effort. Football and Spanish course is one of our features, we also organize football match for our students. Looking at passionate football game, are you ready?
In the green grass pitch, feel the charm of football, let your life run, let the dream fly!



It is a joyful moment to share a coffee and talk with the world in Spanish.
It is a comfort and easy way to enjoy and share your free time in this city.
It is an efficient way to practice speaking and build confidence.
It is a way to encourage you speak and think in Spanish.

​A typical activity of young people in Sevilla. It is a good moment to share foods on the grass, next to the Guadalquivir river and under the sunshine of Sevilla. We organize picnic with interactive games and activities with local students, in order to help you to make new friends and share the joyful moment with your old friends.

Andalusia has a lots of traditional and local festivals: Feria, Semana Santa, Reyes Magos, etc.
How could you miss them when you are here?
Our teacher will introduce you those festivals, experience the purest Andalusia spirit with us.


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